About Komeyui

The food philosophy at KOMEYUI is to use the freshest possible ingredients, matching with authentic Japanese cooking style that brings out their best qualities.

Rice here is cooked in a “Hagama” – a traditional cast iron pot that maintains rice’s natural flavour unlike any modern cooker.

The meanings behind the name and logo of


Symbolises a traditional Japanese group meal where family and friends gather together and sit around the table on which there is a large hotpot and a tray of rice dishes including gohan (steam rice),

and side dishes such as natto (fermented cooked soya beans), temaki (hand-rolled sushi), yakizakana (grilled fish) and miso soup.



Rice, the mainstay of the Japanese diet.

Knot, a word that is full of emotions, harmony and health, whether it is binding, make, become attached to, and unity.

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant

Drive: 10 min from CBD
Tram 96, 3min from Stop City Rd / Light Rail 126
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Opening Hours
Open:  7 days a week
12:00-15:00 / 17:30-22:00